Training and Research

IGenes offers basic to comphrehensive training modules as per the requirement of the learner. It also undertakes contract research programmes and dissertation work.

Basic Training

It is 2 days programme starting on 1 st weekend of everymonth for two days, with all the basic theory and hands on DNA extraction, setting of PCR reaction, Amplifiaction, Gele electrophoresis of DNA , interpretation.

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Detailed Hands- on

It is week long training done periodically with students from invited institutes to provide them training beyond the basic to able to understand the topic better and interpret the results better.

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Exhaustive Session

These are prior planned session which have a minimum covering duration of 4 weeks to train in detail of the whole process including primer designing.

It can be clubbed with summer training, dissertation and other research work.

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Make an Appointment

By email or direct contact at lab between 1.00pm to 4.00 daily , except Sundays and holidays.

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